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find somone else your starting in the wrong direction

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Set up a scene you would share with your fiance if he was there with you.

Like scented candles, wine, music you both like, food you both like. Then

have it like he was with you. Eat the food, drink the wine. Then if your

religious convictions allow, get into the tub, shower or bed and make up

the wildest, most seductively HOT fantasy including your fiance that you

possibly can. Treat yourself to multiple ******* while imagining he is

right there. Think of wild, passionate stuff you would do to him as if he

was with you.

THEN carefully write it all down and mail the sexy description of your

fantasy night with him to him in the jail, telling him how much you miss

him. It will do the both of you a world of good, and it will carry him along

just reading about it for weeks!

Do the same thing as often as you can. That way you stay close in your

thoughts and desires. Hope he gets out soon!

A friend of mine who was in jail got a letter from his g/f that told all about

a night where she filled the bathtub with strawberry jello and she fantasized they both

got in it naked and made love. That kind of fantasy, and he can make up

some of his own for you.

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Find a support group perhaps, I know there are groups on here. Unless someone is in your situation, we can not really understand. Sorry for you, no idea how long he has to serve and for what offences, but you have to do what is best for you in the meantime and carry on living.

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What i do is make cute DIY bracelets while listening to music. It helps keep things off my mind. The bracelets take a lot of concentration, as well as a lot of time, and music is something ive always used to help me concentrate. Also if theres a song that i like and reminds me of him, i write down the lyrics. When/if he has to go to prison, you should be able to send him the bracelets and lyrics. Until then be sure to write him plenty of postcards. I try to write one a day. I also keep a journal that i write in every night of all the things that happened that day, with notes of when i talked to him and what was said. I make copies of all the postcards being sent to/from my fiance and tape them into the notebook. So when he gets out he has the chance of catching up with all that has occured since hes been gone.. So its like he never left. I wish you luck! Be strong!

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