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Beat myself for being in such stupid immoral relationship!

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Regret not waiting for him to be out of the relationship before jumping into bed with him and seriously think about walking away at least until he sorts things out. Sure hope theres no kids stuck in the fallout of this one.

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Please let me know when you find out!!!

I think he doesn't want to seem like an immoral, selfish bastard to his family, and his relationship at home is unfulfilling yet not terrible.

YOU provide a therapeutical service to their marriage, you medicate him with your love.

Because you allow it, he can love you and leave you, to take care of his family.

Does she know about you?

I don't know how long you've been together, or if you are single, but if you have accepted this reality just because it's too painful for you to loose him, you will never find out if you have a real chance to be THE one. You will never know the truth...

Sometimes the truth can be scary and lonely..

You can only control yourself.

If you decide to make a change, the situation will change.

He might follow you.e might not.

At least you wouldn't have spent many years asking the same question over and over, not knowing what to make of it, and being trapped in a loop.

The statistics for an affair longer than 3 months and he hasn't left? it's never going to happen.

Many people decide that crumbs are better than no cake at all, so it's up to you.

I wish you luck and a lot of strength and peace of mind.

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It's not impossible that he is inlove with you. People do get lonely in relationships and wind up finding themselves in marrital affairs. These affairs come with many emotional, phycological, and moral consequences that neither are pleasant. There are many reasons why he will not leave his partner, but my guess is that there is the "love" or "comfort zone" issue that he is dealing with. Although he may be inlove with you, he still loves this partner (even if it's a small dose of love-something is keeping him there or else he would have been divorced already) or because he's in a comfort zone with this marriage of his. This person may be afraid of the unknown of a new relationship and having one foot out the door is better than having both. I would slowly ween myself off of this affair and realize that you deserve better by being in a full loving, nurturing, and supporting relationship where a person can dedicate their all to you rather than just a little part of them. You deserve that much. This person have issues that they need to work on-more likely security and commitment issues and you shouldn't be a rescuer per se in any relationship. Give yourself 110% first and foremost and love yourself and demand respect for who you are. Things do happen in life and you find yourself in questionable circumstances but you have that split second to make the right decision. God Bless!

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great answer

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blackmail or kidnap.

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keep believing lol

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I was sort of that man. I met and fell in love with a woman. I almost left twice for a life with her, but i didnt leave because of my boys, they threatened to cut off contact with me. I regret not going to her every day. Now my boys are out of the house, I have moved out, but she has moved on and has a bf. I lost the love of my life, dont know if I will find that kind of passion again.

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I have found myself in the same`s hard...the word homewrecker kills me,but when you`re in it,it doesn`t feel like just want to be happy...good answers.I will re read them...and hope for the best,for me and for you..

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Id kick him to the curb, cause if he loved you he would do anything. Whats the deal with his partner???

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