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I think you've fundamentally misunderstood the entire purpose of the YOU that YOU are...

Your question shouldn't be focused on your degree

I believe you should be stating to yourself "I can do anything I desire that brings bliss into my world, love into my family and friends and happiness..."

And that was the attitude of one of the worlds greatest cultural, linguistic anthropologically minded religion experts ever to walk the planet - Joseph Campbell.

the fact that you are going to university to study is completely irrelevant...

never let university get in the way of your education...follow your bliss

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I'd say work with in your government. They are looking for people with extensives religious knowledge these days. Working in an university, doing fields work, working for a museum...

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ooo! That's what I'm thinking about doing! =)

You can teach, but I'm guessing as an anthropologist, you'd want to be more than a teacher. The best way to do real anthropological work is in the field. The best way to learn about other cultures and their languages and religions is to go live IN that culture for a while and observe them. Then you can write about what you've experienced.

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Department of Defense. If not, a professor.

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How about going to work for National Geographic?

That was always my dream anyway.

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That's a tricky one

Can we discuss it in Weatherspoons ?

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