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I live in Ga. and I'm with State Farm. My original bill started out as 50.67 then months later it went up to 65.86..and now its 80.98. The 80.98 came up because the family discount quote was dropped when I moved out into my own place. :\ Sucks. But I think its unfortunate that they cannot give you a heads up on the rate just get the bill and hope you can afford it.
choxie22 choxie22 22-25, F 2 Answers Aug 20, 2014 in Community

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Most of the state farm mail was crooked

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I heard that before but last year I bought my own car with cash and I needed insurance before I could drive and so I was living with my grandmother and I asked her if I could get on her insurance and she said yea. Then she mentioned that the more people you claim, the cheaper it is for everyone...*ptshh*

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On top of that, when they send my bill every month, its always the incorrect bill. I have to call them every month to ask "why did my payment go up?" They would say "oh I'm sorry, our system must be acting up but your bill is ..such and such."

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