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One of my family members that live in Nigeria wants to know, and won't stop bothering me about it. If you know about both cars, please list their pros and cons. Any thing is helpful.
Elijahx Elijahx 18-21, M 4 Answers Nov 10, 2012 in Travel

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thanks it is helpful

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If you really want to know the very best corrola it would be the 1994. If the miles are acceptable to a power-train aftermarket warranty go with the 06 and the power train warranty. Buy it used check seems for repair. Drive the car see how it shifts, Then pay no more than 2500 current black book value of the car not blue book. Or just message me and I will tell you what it is worth after you have found the car that will fit with a powertrain. Car business 10 years. Get your loan on the car from a privet lender after you have picked it. That will ensure you do not get taken for points on the back end of the contract.

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Well both cars will last you a long time, both are 4 cylinder engines. <br />
Corolla Pro: Higher gas mileage 28 city, 37 highway. Cost less than Camry.<br />
Corolla Con: Weaker 1.8 Liter engine, smaller interior (less leg room). Lower quality interior. Slower acceleration due to it's smaller engine. <br />
Camry 2009 Pro: Decent fuel economy 21 city, 31 highway. Roomy interior. 2.4 Liter engine which produces more horsepower. Higher quality interior. More updated with technology because its a 09 model.<br />
Camry Con: Cost slightly more (around a $2000-$3500 difference if both were new). Not as great fuel economy.<br />
*Please note that different countries may or may not have different engines and specs, I am only speaking for United States cars.

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