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an inflated ego is caused by a lot of praise.. and lack of constructive critisism... which leads to one only seeing good things about themself and overlook faults and mistakes..

pride in my opinion have 2 sides.. positive pride is when you have achieved something and feel proud and it makes people who love you happy (as SeventiesRock mentioned).. in addition.. it is also when you don't stoop low and have enough self respect not to do wrong things or sell your manners and ethics for cheap prices..

the negative side is when you are too proud and begin to see yourself much better than others.. and put yourself in a higher grade than others and then your ego is inflated and you never admit to your mistakes.. or help others (because you think it is beyond you to go down and lend a helping hand) you become arrogant and you slowly lose everyone who loves you!

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I think an inflated ego is really low self esteem and insecurity. Those that are truly in touch with who they are and are aware human beings know that we are all equal. It is great to feel pride and good about ourselves but sometimes ego leads to narrow minds and judgement. I think it is a strong moral compass that you follow leads to Pride.

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The short answer to this is......

You do.....You allow it.

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A person who has pride has someone that has spent his or her life doing things with their dignity intact. They haven't done anything cheap and low class. They have lots of self respect and healthy amount of self-esteem. They are self sufficient and very much comfortable in their own skin. They don't seek approvals. Whereas the one with inflated ego is someone with lots of insecurities and don't feel good about himself. An inflated ego is usually a fragile ego. They are the people who haven't addressed their inner issues and instead of solving them to get inner confidence they have covered it up with false ego so that nobody can see how ashamed they really are of themselves. It's a mask to protect themselves from getting exposed which unfortunately doesn't last long as this world is quite sharp and the road is full of bumps. Somewhere at sometime the mask is gonna fall off anyway so the wise approach is to address the inner insecurities work on them and become a confident person instead of putting up a false ego face. Cheers

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