I have it and i want to know what causes it tell me!
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There's not just one cause. There are many.

Physical/biological factors would be:

Family history of stammering in blood relatives

The organisation of the brain for speaking

The co-ordination of the speech mechanism

Environmental causes - past and present

Family life

Rapid pace of life - lots of commitments, activities and demands

Everyone speaking quickly

Everyone talking at once

Expectation to speak up - whenever

Personality Causes - the sort of person you are can make a difference

High achievers


Perfectionist (or self-critical)


All of these factors can cause people to stammer. And there's probably more.

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"T-t-t-today junior!" -Billy Madison.

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I don't know what causes stammer.

I know it's curable : )

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The mind thinking faster that the mind can form the spoken idea in words thru speech.

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I heard you can get it if your forced to write right handed & your really a left hander. I've not seen the film The Kings Speech but I have seen a documentary about this and it mentions it there

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Smashing your head against your toys when you were a child

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"yuuuuuppppppppp * * in slow voice

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Have your parents take you to a speech therapist.

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no you mean parent

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Yes, 'parent', sorry.

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