As a teacher, I am at least as frustrated as my students that it is taking FOREVER to bring education into the 21st century. I realize a lot of it has to do with lack of funds, but some of it is pointless policies or outdated instructional technique. What do you think schools (or individual teachers) could do to make education more relevant to students? Some of my ideas include more computer lab time, letting students volunteer to teach class sometimes (it REALLY works!), and using educational video games.
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yes... school's could really use WAY MORE funds so they can update computers (and get way more of them!), get new books, update/remodel classrooms, fix the facility with needed repairs. I would love for teachers to get paid decent money! My kids High school has some great qualities and of course some not so great. (all schools have their good and bad). I always say, as far as for High school, it would be great if classes could start later, like 9 instead of 8. Kids sleep schedule is so different, their body clocks are different. They like to stay up later and sleep in. My oldest gets her best homework done at 9-12PM!! On Wed. at the school, they have late start cuz the teachers have inservice meetings from 8-9:30. So my kids first class starts at 9:45. It's a wonderful morning cuz they are ready to wake up and get moving and there are never any complaints on Wed!! I know of course, due to after school sports and activities, this would create problems. It's just an idea I thought would make sense!

Thanks for being a teacher!! Teachers rarely get the praise and appreciation that they should!!!!


enjoy your summer

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BEFORE kids are taught any of that,--Maths and ENGLISH

are a necessity!...Teach them to spell and add up

WITHOUT a calculator,and you will be half way there!

The rest can follow!!

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Get the US federal government out of our schools.

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First of all, school and the education system in general should be considered more important-in public opinion, in the government's choices etc. In Italy, where I live, schools badly need more investments: we lack funds for extra classes (to help students in need), modern laboratories, additional activities... Moreover, I've been teaching for nine years now, and what I've realized is, we should (here, at least) get back to basics. I know kids at 20 who don't spell right, and that's scary.

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The biggest change I would make is that a student must show proficiency in the grade they are in before getting promoted to the next grade. We need to weed out students not motivated or has difficulty in getting the work done. This way we will have a work force in which every level of competency is filled. Right now I see too many young adults wanting a certain position or job but is not qualified. Europe and Asia has a better system than we do because one must be proficient in all levels of academia. You move forward because you know your stuff.

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For early education, emphasis should be on mastering the 3R's. For higher education, suggest that more emphasis be given on practical subjects that can help an individual develop competencies and skills either as an entrepreneur or an employee. Most importantly, there should be more topics on human relations and social skills, values education and other soft skills that are very important but are taken for granted.

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Less money needs to be spent on sports and more on Fine Arts in my opinion. AT least in fine arts you are actively using your brain to stimulate creativity which in turn makes you makes me so angry they are trying to take fine arts out of school all together and spend all the money on stupid sports!!! There's a gym, use it, go play after school..

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Student’s need to be kept safe. Those that are causing trouble should be filtered out and kept in their own aria if you screw up in that aria you get moved in with the worse trouble makers and on down until you reach the penal system if necessary.

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maybe more updated resources. also it would be good to regain that balance of respect between pupils and teachers. my mum is a special needs teacher, and the lack of respect in the classroom is sometime boarderlining on pathetic. im not saying anything dramatic like bringing the cane back...just a system that might make it easier for teachers to control pupils in the classroom..

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Personally I think we should go back to the old ways of teaching... the curriculum has been dumbed down so much.

when I was at school we had lots of home work all the time and also sat mock test regularly to get us used to it so when GCSE's and SATS came around we where so used to it, it didn't even feel that scary.

Now I hear they have done away with mock tests or only ever do them very rarely and not even in a test atmosphere its just an old test paper plonked on your desk.

And the homework has been cut down to almost nothing compared to what we had.. every year it gets easier and easier.. even the year I took GCSE's nothing was considered a fail as long as you put your name on the paper you got a mark and even F was not a fail and then they introduced This G grade?.. what even is that?

When my mum was at school they had to do 3 pieces of Shakespeare a year sat tests every other week etc etc etc... things are getting toooo easy.

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