Growing up today is not the same as it was for me. With the proliferation of technology and the high expectations in school, my daughter is quite literally growing up in a different world. What are the most important character traits (courage, honesty, integrity, determination, etc) she needs to master in order to successfully navigate the adult world as it is today?
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The simple things are always best:

Know yourself and be true to yourself.

Treat other as you would yourself unless they have you over then the gloves come off.

If something seems too good to be true then it usually is.

But you are right courage, honesty are important and as well as integrity and a very good work ethic.

However the most important thing without a doubt is to teach her love and compassion and do this by loving her and build her self esteem allowing her to love herself and others. Everything else she needs to do she will learn herself as and when she needs to.

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just keep her off the pole. word to Chris Rock.

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The single most important quality a person can possess in this world is to do what she says she will do. Follow-through is everything.

I did not learn this as a child and will spend the rest of my life beating down the habits I developed and replacing them with that one. My kids, on the other hand, are encouraged and, if necessary, forced to complete those things they have committed themselves to. They are much stronger and more confident than the former Mrs Squirrel or I were at their ages.

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It is great that you are asking this question. What a good dad! I would read a book on it if I were you. Maybe, Raising Daughters, by Dobson.

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