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I think that depends on you, what suits you?

What would YOU like in a bestfriend?

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Honest enough to tell you the truth when you don't want to hear it.

Loyal enought to sacrifice the friendship to help you when you don't want help.

Honorable enough to keep his word.

Steadfast enough to get out of bed at 3:00am to help you out of a jam.

Generous enough to expect nothing in return

Wise enough to associate with other people like him

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agree... great answer!

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My dearest friend is someone that has all of it for me.

She's hysterical - we laugh constantly and about nothing and everything.

We are REAL with each other. No fakey fakey.

We listen to each other and sometimes - if it's wanted we give our thoughts or advice to each other.

It's not always about what "you" think. Sometimes the other person just needs an ear.

No jealousy, no judgment.

and Trust.

I couldn't ask for a better friend.

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Honesty, compassion, and a genuine "I actually give a ****" attitude.

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Well I know what makes a horrible friend- crack

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summarize everything here and thats my answer

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understanding and compassionate



a good listener

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Honest and Good Listener

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Honest, dependable, forgiving, loving, supportive, and able to keep any secret you share with him or her!

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To me a good friend, besides the good qualities people describe here, is somebody who honestly love you, and cares about you no matter what... independently of how imperfect the relationship is, or how imperfect we both are...

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A good friend has courage to stand by you regardless of the cost to them. They stay in control of their bodies and don't let you or themselves drive drunk,. drugged or dangerously. They don't engage in sexual activities that are not mutually consented to (in fact in the US, rape is a criminal offense as is not considered a sexual act but an assault or act of violence), The are generous with you giving you whatever they can to help you to be the best person you can be. They look for what is good in people, you being one of them. They are truthful at all times. They have a good sense of humor and of what is comic in life, and readily share their joy and playfulness with you. They have a strong sense of what is just and fair play.

Enough for now.

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loving,caring,silly,and scent of humor

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LOYALTY! Without Loyalty there is no trust and with no trust could never really be a friend!

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The ability to keep secrets.




A good friend is someone who you can be a goof around; someone you can geek out to; someone you can bring emergencies to without worrying about backlash or fairweatherness.

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A good friend should compliment your personality, tell you when you’re wrong, have your back when you’re in a tight spot. A good friend will help you without wondering what they’ll get in return; And most importantly, a good friend is loyal, makes you face your $hit, and will be your shoulder when the world feels like it crashing down.

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Honesty & trustworthiness, I think. My best friend & I have little in common after all these years, & yet we're still besties because we can trust each other.

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A cents of humor................

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