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is it bad for you ? and if so explain how
boogerflicker boogerflicker 31-35 3 Answers Jun 14, 2011

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My finance is doing this stuff. There's not a minute in the day when he's not. All he does is laugh at me when I ask him if I can have a few hours with him not high. He's always either smoking or sleeping. The day they take this off of the market, I'm driving to ALL of the stores to make sure they are in compliance. I want my fiance back, not the hell I live in currently.

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YES it is bad for you! I forget the name of it, it is called synthetic pot. You have to use like a spoon and tinfoil then put a lighter under the spoon, and weigh precisely...very easy to overdose, and if you do, you vomit for hours and lose reality, as we found out, as well as your heart changing rhythm and your skin being clod yet addition, while it is hell, later you will desire for no reason to do more...we got rid of it so fast, and yes it is VERY bad for you and nothing like the real thing. Actual marijuana is a million trillion times less dangerous, and less bad for you. I urge everyone not to ever try synthetic lab-made versions. Yes, they are very dangerous, and have landed some people though not me in a hospital in fact, leading to it being banned. In contrast, marijuana has never put anyone in a hospital. It has positive effects on health, from reducing nausea and helping you eat to boosting your mood and reducing your anxiety, and makes your senses more sensitive so you can fully appreciate life around you to the maximum degree. The synthetic kind, is something else entirely. Once again, DO NOT DO IT! Synthetic is very, very bad, and let me finish by saying, do not touch it.

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