One was "you'll shoot your eye out" or something along those lines when I asked for a bb gun for my birthday. It blew me away when that phrase came out on film years later. The other was "if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do that too" whenever I asked to do something that my friends did but my mom considered dangerous.
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Up until my adulthood my parents never had a problem saying no. I'm 56 and my dad is still saying" No".

The bigger question is when did I learn to stop asking.

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cliche phrases used by my mom/grandma/grandpa:

mom--"because I said so"

grandpa/grandma--"children should be seen and not heard"

mom--"what part of no don't you understand"

grandpa--"the early bird gets the worm"

others I may not remember...

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I can remember my mother sometimes saying Because I said so. That was only used by her as a last resort after we had worn down her very last nerve with questions or trying to talk her into doing something. I also remember her saying Let's don't and say we did when we wanted to go somewhere and she wasn't up to it at the time.

With my dad all he had to do was say no and with him we knew that no meant no. No two ways about it and you didn't try to talk him into a yes either.

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"Money doesn't grow on trees"

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"Children should be seen but not heard"

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We'll see. Then nothing changed. Now when my father wants something that's not feasible, I use the very same expression. Then he KNOWS the outcome.

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"You're too young to understand" or "you'll understand when you're older". In some cases, they were right.

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''cuz i'm the mama!'.....and yes, i've said it, too! lots of times ;)

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