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You are my friend, I don't really know how to explain why. It's not like you're my enemy or something and you're more than an acquaintance, that's all I can say I guess. The story of me and her's friendship is that she wants me to come to her about problems. But she never opens up to me. I have told her I am here for her many times. She shares her life with a lot of other people, to differing degrees, but she never opens up to me. She does say hello to me and she has told me she is here for me, but other than that, she was never someone I could just have a casual conversation with. She always seemed distant from me. She told me that I will always be her friend. She wants to support me, but she doesnt want to have a personal relationship with me. There is no communication, no connection. She doesnt even seem into me. I know people have their own definitions of friendship. Some people think close friendships are the only ones that will have a relationship. What do you think?
geonavigator07 geonavigator07 22-25, M 2 Answers May 3, 2012

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Ditto Ianiferous.. This person is holding you at arms length. Be polite, be cordial, be friendly, but don't count on her for anything except drama. I don't mean that she's super dramatic - how could I know - but her way of controlling her environment is to keep certain people in certain circles that only make sense to her. This could be due to immaturity, insecurity or it could be a ton of different things. Just don't invest emotionally in her, you'll only regret it.

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