I guess that's why there were a lot of multi-generational families living together. Everyone took care of each other. This was before social security and medicare. And, a lot of people are under the mistaken impression that these are "free" government handouts. Not so. People work all their lives and pay taxes for these programs, to be reaped when they are unable to continue working. But that is now. Way back (not THAT long ago, really), before SS and Medicare, not everyone had families or a house or land or a farm. They lived on Poor Farms. Everyone pitched in with whatever they could do. Some working in the fields, some building, some cooking, cleaning, caring for the babies and elderly. Then, I think I read some "group" (civil liberties??) decided that was not fair to people to "make" them work (sing for their supper, as it were). Someone decided it was slave labor. That's probably when the really "free" entitlements came about. We can see how that's working out. What's goi
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You worked till you died.

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100 years back, the dependencies on corporations was less. Agriculture, farming, crafts , , small scale manufacturing and trading is were people depended on. The yields and produce came directly to them.

Taxes made sense then.

When they could no longer work in their trades, they found new work and learnt it....and they were not afraid of monotonous work, coz it was just work for them, nothing more.

The really passionate ones took to the arts.

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Yes, we are all aware of Capitalism, the Great Depression, and the war that didn't end until two atomic bombs were dropped. I take it you want another war? I promise you it will be even worse this time around.

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How on earth did you determine I would like another war?? To answer your question, no.

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You are talking about going back to a capitalistic system where we trust the company store to feed us. The company store turns around and starves us in the end and it takes an uprising to correct the problem. Review the French Revolution and World War II in depth. Both were a case of uprisings when fiscal leaders did not care to run businesses for anyone but themselves anymore.

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