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I'm on a WTF cycle again. I don't remember most of my dream, but it started out driving around a neighborhood, and for some reason, these giant blue and red Velcro balls were everywhere. The neighborhood then morphed into a store, and it was apparently this huge craze for everyone to collect as many of these balls as they could. So there were some free balls, and some balls you had to buy. I gathered up some balls (some of them resembled angry birds... I grabbed a yellow one) and headed to the check out counter. This lady told me that I had left something at my old school and gave them to me—apparently "Finglongers" from Futurama but they looked different. The cashier was Leonardo DiCaprio. Then I "went home" and there was this Mafia group attacking my mom. I chased one of them, gouged his eyes out, then started violently stabbing the eye balls. And that's only 10% of that dream. o.o
MathematicallyMindedFractal MathematicallyMindedFractal 18-21, F 1 Answer Jun 1, 2014 in Hobbies

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funny - leonarado dicaprio was in my dream too. accept it was a modern day great gatsby dream and i was daisy. accept i left tom and lived out my life with gatsby, (:

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xD I was supposed to read the book. Never did. :P I watched the movie, though, because Leo. xD The only celebrity I actually like.

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the movie was good - and the book was fantastic. f. scott fitzgerald is actually one of my favorite writers.

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:P I hate romance, even if the entire thing has some corrupthon and is a double entendre. I don't like fiction, period. I'll read some sci-fi occasionally, though.

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ok fine. if you change your mind though, i would highly reccomend the beautiful and damned by fitzgerald. it was his best work.

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