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Oh boy... I had

a biscuit with chedder and raspberry jam for breakfast with coffee,

chips and salsa for a snack,

ramen for lunch and alot of water,

a small cucumber sandwich for a snack with spiced tea,

Sushi for dinner,

Alot of Icecream after I went to see Hunger Games with my dear...

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I LOVE a good jam with a nice sharp cheddar (yummy). Sushi is my all time favorite. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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i like pretzel m&ms too!but I'm trying to stay away from sugar. I had the best dinner! My mom brought it to my house after i worked all day. It was good BBQ chicken and rice. she brought cherry cobbler too. i can't resist!

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That's gorgeous!

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Lunch: Rueben sandwich

Dinner: Salmon with Basil cream sauce, risotto.

Snack: tortilla chips & salsa

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Breakfast: Two small ginger snap "cookies" -- coconut based raw food recipe, low sugar.

Lunch: veggie and turkey stir fry with green tea.

Dinner: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo with extra basil

Late night snack (will be): One Kashi dark chocolate cookie

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I'm a raw foodie healthy for you!

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i had lucky charms.... some easter candy... a hotdog n chips.. and then a cheese burger.. OMZ I actually had lunch! xD

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I DO TOO!!! for breakfast i had a coffee with almond milk and i had indian food from whole foods for time for dinner

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Love that darn naan bread. When I ate meat I adored Chicken korma...yum.

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Linguine with shrimp and red flack pepper over olive oil. The best.

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miso soup, bread, and an apple :p

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a cinnamon bun, two pizza pops, and two bowls of cereal. for the whole day.

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Yesterday was a "good eats" day:

Started with an English muffin, egg, cheese and turkey bacon "sandwich"

slice or two of homemade banana bread

hazelnut coffee, cream and sugar

Tabbouleh on a multi-grain wrap

Chinese!!! (delicious!!!!)

Eggdrop soup with LOTS of green onion tops

SUSHI (hot salmon, crabmeat and cucumber about 8 in all...)

small veggie eggroll

small amount of peanut butter chicken (fried with peanut butter sauce)

about 1 c. of stirfry green beans

piece of apple pie and soft serve vanilla yoghurt


This morning: banana bread and coffee; gotta run an errand soon. May have an early lunch out.

Have a great day!!!!

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Breakfast: lemon pudding Snack Pack, ice water

Lunch: homemade vegetable soup with crackers, ice water

Dinner: beans and cornbread with southern style collard greens, homemade lemonade

Snacks: trail mix in the morning, almond crackers and 2 slices of colby cheese in the evening

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The only thing I ate today was what I made for dinner, I cooked dinner for my two uncles, and we had breakfast for dinner, just to be interesting. We are always at work too early to have a real breakfast in the morning, so tonight i made homemade homefries with white onions and evoe with basil and garlic, then omlettes with all the prefered fixens, bacon, sausage, pineapple and blue berries and raspberry pancakes, I think the raspberries pancakes were the best part of the whole meal, they smelled amazing on the griddle and tasted even better. yummy.

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I had some hair pie 1st thing this morning....later sucked out the juices....after that vomited up the creamy jazz

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Pretzel m&ms, coffee, raisin bran crunch and a baked potato.

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I've been meaning to try those pretzel m&m's. I love the salty sweet combo. Have you tried salted caramel? Divine!

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smoothie, chips and salsa, chili, top ramen, sandwich. banana.

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