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its full of crap

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antarctica is melting

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That submission in the condition for good favor.

That contradiction causes arguments, fights, and separation.

That we are all selfish.

That life is a battle between our desires and the desires of others.

That we are all different in abilities, looks, and preferences.... but none objectively better or worse.

That we didn't choose to exist, we didn't choose our body, mind, world, or the choices we have to choose from if we want to live.... but we adapt in fear of death and the desire of pleasure to try to do something with our lives.

We crave attention, care, and love.

Yet when we get it, we take it for granted and want something else... because the thing about us humans is we always want more... more... more... we are never fully satisfied.

We follow those that are convenient and shun those who are a threat to our lives... Life is full of conditional relationships grounded on terms and conditions through we would like to believe otherwise.

We hate uncertainty and wish we had some more control.

We get annoyed easy when someone is in our way.... but we wear masks to hide our pain or avoid trouble when we feel like we want to keep it in.

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How long did it take for you to copy and paste that horrid crap? Took three years off my life just reading it.

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It's no great wonder that ET wanted to phone home .

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That there are a lot if crazy people out there.

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it is the cruelest place in the universe because humanity is very cruel and unforgiving because people just do not trust and or be simple and peaceful

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it is 33 rpm

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