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That other people just don't understand them. That theirs is a high and lonely destiny. That the world has the problem. People are too inferior to get their "jokes" or too uptight or inhibited and take the laws too seriously, etc.

Or that people are responsible for their own feelings and weaknesses, so it's their fault if they are hurt or offended. "They should have been more guarded or known better than to trust me!"

Or they tell themselves that they can't do any better. That it's just the way they are, and if the rest of the world doesn't like it...tough.

Or they tell themselves that they deserve their own piece of the pie...that they have done without for too long. That the rest of the world is full of jerks too, so why shouldn't they join in? "Everybody does it".

Kind of depends on the specifics of how each individual thinks and their personalities.

That kind of thing.

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Maybe that they are normal and everyone else is ignorant. That gets thrown around a lot.

BTW, nice avi! ; )

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Thank you. :)

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a hand up is better than a hand out

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creepy is only an external look used to describe someone they feel uncomfortable with. it just that most of us take the easy way out by using our intuition instead of using our time to get to know them on how they really are.

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