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It is a classic sign of with withdraw of drugs. I got them when I quit smoking. Dreams always mean something.

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I recently had this dream, and I just quit smoking, so this explanation works for me. Thanks.

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i had this dream once when i was 9 now im 10 in 4th grade but,i should be in 5th any ways i got held back and i don't care so what im dumb just cause im blond?

sorry bout talkin about me. So what type of bugs where they??? The most common bugs in my dream were big blue beetle's and also gross cockroaches it was ick i kept waking up cause i did not want to fall asleep again because i would dream about dumd stupid bug's again so yea pretty much i certainly don't know what it means sorry for wasting your time..... :(

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IN CONCLUSION (and according to the stupidity on this page): Sometimes dreams are a re-hash of your daily events, sometimes dreams are just your body making your mind react, and sometimes it's a way for your sub-conscious, or whatever the case may be, to communicate with you. In any case, ALL OF IT MEANS SOMETHING. People that say any of it is "useless" (*cough*katfather*cough*) are over simplifying or retarded, sometimes things don't mean anything important or deep because sometimes the "K.I.S.S." method does work.

Point is, you're being bugged by something in your life somehow. Only you would know so only you can figure it out. Setting and such in dreams also play a role. Just be sure you don't jump to conclusions and take your'll know the answer when you find it. Also, the Egyptians had a decent understanding of dreams. All else fails, do some research on what they would have thought or said.

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Actually, dreams always do "mean" something, but sometimes they are just a rehash of the previous day's events and don't make sense and can be completely disregarded.

The most common explanation for your dream is that there is a physical, (not emotional) reason for it. Your skin was probably for some reason itchy, and you subconscious presented you with a dream explanation for the sensation.

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Despite Katfather's brilliant explication, dreams often mean something if you can translate them into your language from theirs. They do speak in symbols, as he said. My first thought is that Something is BUGGING you! My second thought is that a whole bunch of little things are getting to you. The actual kind of bug MIGHT be important. Ants might indicate it's about work. Fleas might indicate pets or animals or cleanliness. In general, I'd say that you feel overwhelmed by a lot of little things. Try to figure out what they are or what they relate to, instead of ignoring them consciously.

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You need to do more housework

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Sadly, one of the biggest myths that so many of us have is that each dream means something, and frankly, it's just not true. Most of the time dreams are just a reaction to what you saw that day, or what you may have heard something about. Certain thoughts hit you, and the mind in dream state is like a bored little child..on Halloween..after eating all the candy. In other words, totally out of control. Millions of images, thousands of thoughts, this is your brain on dreams. To put a strict "meaning " on dreams is, to the MOST part, useless. You may as well figure out the national welfare by looking at ink blots.

Still, on the other hand, I did say MOST of the time. Sometimes it DOES mean something, but don't waste your time trying to figure out what the bugs are a "symbol" of. Despite what people sometimes believe, the mind rarely deals with symbols, but with the "K.i.s.s' (Keep it simple stupid) method. If you have a dream about bugs, and you think it important, then it has something to do with...bugs (Surprise!).

So, let's say this dream is trying to tell you a message and you're really NOT secretly being covered with bugs at night when you go to bed (or maybe you hear them while you sleep. We hear a lot better than people think while sleeping, and maybe your ears can hear all of those thousand per one that we CAN see. Bugs footsteps can actually be heard by most cats, and their ears aren't that much better than humans.. unless it's a can opener) maybe you can hear them and your brain is in a panic doing so. And that's when your brain does a little dream trick that drive everyone crazy: "I am NOT afraid (Feet, don't fail me now..)

In a dream state we will often attempt to get over our worst fears by putting us in a place that scares us to death. It uses two "voices", one saying "OHMYGOOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!" while the other part is saying "There, there, it's alright, it's alright. You can do it, you can do it.. relax..relax..' (Unfortunately, my brain usually has a third voice that scream "WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!! I'M TRYING TO GET SOME DAMN SLEEP!! AND GET THOSE DAMN BUGS OUT OF HERE!! NO MORE CRACKERS IN BED DAMN IT!!"

Most of the time this is triggered by a fear discovered during the day that you not only didn't realize you had, but your brain didn't let you remember it 2 seconds later (or maybe your pride didn't want to face it openly.. leaving only for your dreams to discover and have "fun" with it, sick bastard that it is)

So why are you dreaming about bugs crawling all over you? Don't know, but I'll bet you do. Don't bother going to Doctors to find out or a fortune teller or something. If your dreams want to tell you something, it will; they've been speaking to you all your life, so the answer shouldn't be that hard. Sometimes we miss the answer because we make the question too hard. Just think about it.. And keep it simple

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enemies will be surrounding you...

or... you had an over-active amygdala (regulates fear/anxiey in brain) and its just a random nightmare.

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