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im not like most men so i couldent realy answer this question i dont care much for looks as long as she dosent look like a man

i care more for there trustworthiness loyalty and support

thats it realy so simple

yet so hard to find

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No one Male is the same. I enjoy a great sense of humor and good conversation. A "cultured" personality, not snobby but finger food is not a dinner party thing. As for the body, I stay in shape so I look for that in a Female as well. I've had "things" and not that into the "BLING" of life. MUST LOVE animals-Rottweilers for sure.

As for how to introduce yourself to a Male-well not at the gym with your wedding ring on like a gal did to me just last week. That would be a good place to start. But to not start it all off as a challenge as so many gals my age do. YES they have $$$$ and their career, and all that crap, but "we" Males did/do too. I live a simple life and love it. No need to get married and no want of a live-in. Males my age enjoy their freedom in their private life and have had more than enough sex, (well more never hurts but if you are a 55yo Male and you have not had a good amount of great sex, well-I have nothing to say about that! LOL!!!), to identify the relationship by it-the younger ones are a hole different story. Sex is balanced by the personality traits that make me want to have sex with her-the Biological "need" is still there-heck I'm not dead, just I have tasted of the well enough that I''m not desperate at this wonderful stage in my life

The biggest turn off to Males that really think about "being Male"-DON"T talk about Male issues as if they are how a woman thinks they are-really. We are so different from what the women "think" we are like. Find a good "FEMALE" and she can really help you on this. I have told a few gals that could not connect with me from their want to make Males how they see them "thank you". For What?-well there's a great book, a body of REAL research on Males and on Females, it's call , "Men want sex, Women need love". It's not how you think it sounds but it's probably one of the best multifaceted collections of studies that answer the sex's question about the other-WHY ARE THEY LIKE THAT!? At least 3 gals the past 5 years that I have seen got it and told me later that it was just too true and really good incite to how wrong they were about Males, (me actually)-and a lot of "me" made sense after they read it. It's a great read for those truly wanting to ***** away all the sexist ideas both have about each other. AMAZON has it, It's really a MUST read for the person that really wants to wipe their pre-ordained ideas about the opposite sex clear and get the real scoop on the sex they seem to "want" to know.

Be good-Steph in SC

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For some reason the part iI look at first is her hair and the way she carries herself. Of course the physical side comes in to play but her attitude means more.

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Really depends on a guy. For me to be honest and I have to admit honestly I do notice physical looks first. Afterwards difinitely her personality.

Physical looks can usually tell me if a girl does take care of herself, truely independent and have initiative. Of course the looks do not tell though do not tell me about if she is secure emotionally or if she is intelligent person, thus the later one comes in effect.

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i would like to know myself

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You are in the wrong place hunny

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Hard question to answer to be honest. Maybe just try and be as comfortable as you can be in guys presence for a start? There's not an easy answer because it just depends what kind of person you are and how you come across, one piece of advice might be perfect, another might be entirely wrong for you

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