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My girlfriend is crying because her best friend died two months ago. She can't believe it's been two months she's only 15 she's sad that he won't be here for her sweet 16 he was going to give her something special together. She said she misses him so much. She's scared of the dark she wishes he could be here to protect her. They were so close to each other he was almost like a father to her. She cried last night she couldn't sleep at all. She hasn't been able to sleep well lately. She can't sleep she can't eat all she does is cry because she misses him so much. He was my friend too I do miss him but not as much as she does. It hurts me to see her so sad. How can I comfort her when she cries ?
Indiangirl1995 Indiangirl1995 41-45, M 2 Answers Mar 3, 2014 in LGBT

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Hold her and wipe her tears away not just phsically but mentally if you need anymore help just message me <br /><br />Raymond

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