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It seems like they really do care about me and want me to do well...but as far as being is not there. They do say hello and see if I need anything, but they dont invite me to parties or socialize with me. They dont talk about casual conversation with me. Its not like my normal friends where they care about me and want to have conversation. My love language is quality time so I feel like if people do not want to even fellowship with me, or even talk to me, I take it as they do not want to be my friend, while other people care about many people, but they have no interest in socializing with them or developing a friendship with them. I just want to develop a friendship with these people, but it seems like all they want is hey nick, and if 'I have any issues, to mention them. What should I do?
geonavigator07 geonavigator07 22-25, M 3 Answers Jan 29, 2013 in Parenting & Family

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Who are these people?

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We don't.

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