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What do I need to get my boyfriend,who is 13,for Valentines Day? I can't spend that much money but I want to make it special! We're both in 7th grade. I'm 12 and he is 13,PLEASE help! Also,guys please answer this. Tell me what you would want. Anything past girlfriend(s) have gotten you that you REALLY liked! Thanks so much! :)
Mileyoriely Mileyoriely 13-15, F 3 Answers Feb 10, 2012

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Aaawww very sweet!! Guys love chocolate. Hard on cash, do you have access to a laminator or an borrow one - put pictures of his favourite things (cars, food, picture of you) on a sheet of paper and put funny captions (words) in and around it and laminate it and give it to him instead of buying a card. Get him movie tickets to an absolutely "guy's" movie. Just a few cheap ideas... Good luck!

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Lego set and put a heart on every block with red marker

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im 14 :) and .. i just get him some chocolates.. if he has a game system u can get him a game for that ... or u can go to the movies! :D i have also bought him a few shirts ...

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