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They make you hallucinate but for some, their body chemestry can be didfferent and they fell nothing. Others have wonderful trips to Imagination Land

Still others have the proverbial "bad trip" which can range from nightmare images to being covered with bugs

I suggest if you intend to try it then only do it if you are in the company of very good friends you trust who won't make the "trip" worse or harm you themselves Make sure you do not drive or wander off as that can really suck for one and all.

Do not do it by yourself as if you have a bad trip then you are on your own

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It makes you feel like all of humanity, no matter how diverse, belongs to the same babbling brooke; coasting and meandering through the forest that is the universe. It's a beautiful, serene feeling. It also makes the sink drain into itself and the veins in your eyes dance around.

In short: you love mankind and fear the bathroom.

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I've only tried them one time and this is why!

All it did for me was make me extremely nauseous and throw me into a full-blown panic attack!! *shiver*

Not fun!

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A friend experienced nausea and paranoia.

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I've ate the most poetent shrooms in the world and i ate 1 cap that weighed 1.1 and I've shroomed before but these ones sent me to another world and the tv went all green and I could see trails from people moving and the wood grain was crawling like bugs.

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Sassyfrog....did you happen to make a shroomy slushy tonight?

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Never had em, but when my husband did, he got the news read personally to him, straight from the TV! Make you feel a bit sick when they're taking effect (but that's probably the bits of grass, rather than the mushies themselves).

Not taken LSD in 17 years, but it was alot of fun when i used to! One thing i wouldn't recommend is looking in the mirror - your face will be paisley and you eyes like saucers, lol.

Apparently, rabbits and cows eat magic mushrooms on purpose! It must be boring, being a cow, or even a rabbit, for that matter! LOL

The trail-backs were pretty cool - you get them with mushies as well as acid (just asked my hubby) and you're slightly more likely to get 'the fear' with mushrooms than LSD, but again, this is probably down to overdose, rather than higher potency.

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for me in particular, wnytime i ever got even near them they would make me gut-wrenching sick....

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As moonsungeist said don't take to many at one time...we used to make grape slushies and add the ground shrooms. They have a very bitter taste so the sugar and the grape helps mask it.

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Shrooms?....Which shroom are you?

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not much. try acid instead

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If you take just a little, you'll probably get nauseated. If you take a LOT, you'll definitely get nauseated a bit. And then they're a hallucinogen, like LSD only generally milder.

Once I went to a mushroom tea party, way back in the day, at a neo-hippie's house. Bob Marley on the tape deck all night long. Auto - reverse.

There were two women sitting across from me on chairs and they were kind of dancing with their hands...I watched them for at least an hour...their hands sort of floating around, in and out.

Then I looked over at this big tie dyed sheet that was hung over a doorway (college town, yanno) and I saw the colors swirling. I didn't laugh at it like you would if you were drunk...I was more bemused than amused. It was interesting but a little anxiety provoking.

Then I had sex with my boyfriend at the time and felt absolutely nothing.

Interesting experience, but not so interesting that I've ever done it again in the 20 yrs since it happened.

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