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You take it one day at a time. Take deep breaths and cry when you need to. Do things that make you happy as much as possible until it doesnt hurt so much. Try to stay away from the person for a while, because if you see them or something that reminds you of them thats when you will hurt the worst.

I am going through losing my best friend, and while its not that I shouldnt miss him, it just hurts to miss him :/

Its getting better though.

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hmmmmmmmmm......... if i am misng sumone badly.. den i try to distrct my mind, as most of da people do in such situation.. i try to b surrounded all da tym wid my friends, hang out wid dem..... but does it realy work?... no... coz dat persn whom i am missng is so much over me dat i cnt get off him... going through dis rite nw.............

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It's ok... It's fine to miss someone you shouldn't be missing.. I'm going through the same thing. Listen to the song "I Still Think About You" by Danger Danger.

I think the reason why we miss someone is because they mean a lot to us... and if they don't think of us the same way then that's too bad, but they could be thinking of us, too, right?

Who says I can't miss someone? I can miss anyone I want to, and maybe I'll tell this person that I miss him someday. Until then I'll keep on missing him, no matter how much I want to see him and know him better, I think I'll just continue to miss him.

Time goes by, and time becomes the remedy to our obsessions. It becomes better-- if enough time passes, you'll realize that that person will become a treasured memory, and nothing more than that...

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nothing, really. just pray. the more you try to control ur feelings, the worse it gets.

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I think of reasons why I should stop missing him like the bad times we had and convince myself that he's not worth losing sleep over.

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There's a reason why you miss this certain someone. Think about those reasons and give them their value, don't shun it into the corner of your thoughts thinking that it'll go away one day.

Think of the positives, then remember the negatives.

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Normally, I would try to distract myself, stay very busy doing odd tasks that require concentration. If I'm really obsessing, I make myself a list of all the reasons why I shouldn't miss them. It helps to see it laid out in front of me. If all else fails, time's a wonder. People can become addicted to other people just like drugs, so the longer I'm away from them, the easier the detox becomes. It's suffering but it's not forever. It helps to see a therapist in this waiting game, just to be able to vent and get fresh perspectives on myself and my independence.

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