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I was a receptionist at a medical office. I got the job by walking in and applying for it. My duties included:

- answering multi-line phones and directing calls

- data entry (client info and prescription records)

- assisting clients with paperwork (initial visit info, insurance applications)

- cancelling, scheduling, and rescheduling appointments, changing appointments around to better suit clients and staff

- receiving and sending mail

- inter-office communications (basically creating email memos that would be sent to everyone in the office)

- greeting clients and giving them information and directions

- filing records and organizing paperwork for specific purposes

- calling clients at home to remind them of appointments

- payment receipt

- usually I would offer to help with other things too, though they were not in my job description (like cleaning up the conference room after a meeting where refreshments were served, or helping the mail room staff sort mail). I didn't get anything extra for performing those tasks, but they helped break the monotony.

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Sit at a desk and waste your life away dealing with Power Drunk A-Hole Bosses and Backstabbing A$$ kissing Co-Workers I've been doing it for 27 plus years.

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Lets Hope Not.

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The same stuff that they do at Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton, get one by having a lot of education and applying at

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Instead of doing manual / physical labor, you use your brain to contribute / create various projects. There are many ways to get one. First figure out what you want to do then apply. Personally I'd look for an internship in a Fortune 500 company.

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You can do an internship in high school and all through college. Many internships are paid and you recieve credit towards your education.

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Go to college, get a degree. Most companies require a formal education.

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Strange question

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mostly administration and clerical works (boring for me)

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I use to work as the main office receptionist and insurance billing

....... I have a degree as a Health Unit Coordinator

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