My boyfriend has approached me with the subject of his peeing fetish. I have known about it for a moonth or so but this is the first time he has asked me to let him watch me pee. Now, i am not turned off by this but I just am not sure what to expect. Like when you all are watching a lady or a guy pee/ pee their pants, what do you all do? LIke **********, or just save the image for later or have sex right away? Im kinda lost on how these things work, is their any site to help me understand my boyfriends fetish better?
JayneChelsea JayneChelsea 18-21 10 Answers Jul 28, 2010

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I get hard!! Not sure about helpful sites but if you find some pass them along. I love to have a lady friend **** over my **** especially if she doesn't mind cleaning it afterward. Warm **** is very erotice except I don't want it in my face or her face and I don't want to drink it although I don't hate the taste and don't mind clean her ***** after she ****** on me. I have had a lady friend hold my **** while i ****. She really got aroused by that. If it were me I would want to watch you **** on my **** and then lick you and have great sex right afterward. So pick a place where you aren't worried about **** on the bed or things like that.

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For me, I like to watch but then I want to touch. I'm really not into guy pee at all, but I think the way the wetness looks across the fabric is so hot, especially across his crotch, and to feel his **** against the wet fabric drives me insane.

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I agree with PantsR2PN. If I see someone peeing their pants, intentionally or not, all of a sudden I feel the urge to pee as well. And then, well, pee away......

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I think it's good you are looking into to things before passing any judgement. I'll give you my perspective, which you can take or leave, and I'm gonna go fast and loose.

1. Consent and freedom are the most important things in the world to me, if someone does something I'm into to please me, it's a waste of time because it's less intimate, we do that enough at work, hehe, ok here's another shot on it. Let's say you want a pb&j sandwich, you can make yourself and you can ask someone to make it for you, but if they want to make you one, and you enjoy it, odds are, that'll be the best damn sandwich, cuz I think we've all had the sandwich someone made and well, didn't really want to, and it tasted like crap, yeah yer not hungry anymore, but, eh.

2. There is in convervative parts of the world, the taboo factor which is like extreme sports, it's a rush. If it's just that, it'll burn out.

3. Here is a tip for you, if you are not 'in the zone' or 'on the fence' or maybe the jury is still out on it, what if you did this, go in the bathroom, take him with, and for this first, since it's a sharing thing, kiss him during it, so it isn't a gratuitous monkey ogling your little rain parade, which I can totally see making you uncomfortable, instead just share the moment in a new fashion, keep the intimacy.

Some girls like watching guys shave, some guys like watching girls brush their teeth, not everything is balls out sex, it's just appreciating sexiness, and really...appreciating you, now that's not so bad is it?

ps- don't go back on you for anyone else, if it isn't there, do NOT force it, life is too short...

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My bf and I pee our pants together but if I saw someone else doing it I would be very tempted to join him.

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...It's interesting you mention this...I'm a 53 year old male, and my girlfriend is into this peeing fetish, though it repulses me...we are both into wearing spotlessly clean white cotton briefs and have told each other so, yet she continues to ask me to do this...I did this for heron several occasions, but that doesn't seem to satisfy her...I mean, come on now...this is (at least to me) not cool, funny, sexy, good hygiene, and potentially physically harmful (besides, I have on several occasions complimented her on how clean she keeps her undies (she has only dirtied 8 pairs in 5 months, and 1 of those was due to mildew sitting at a football game in wet weather, and not drying them properly, so they mildewed, and a 2nd due to a salsa stain when eating chips and salsa)...she is basically wearing undies 24/7 with the normal exceptions of showering, shaving her vaginal area, going to the bathroom, changing clothes, etc...she wears them to bed, also.. (I'm sure there are girls who are even better at keeping their undies clean, but, believe me, I've gone out with girls that are far worse, so I'm not complaining...)...anyway, if I were supposed to pee my pants as an adult...why would my parents potty train me??...If this should happen, it would be difficult not to notice, but I would try to act as if everything were normal and it were not happening..

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