I am usually always writing songs and performing but latley i'm finding it hard to find inspiration to write now songs and get new ideas. what should i do because it's holding me back from doing things and stressing me because i need to get something done soon for performing arts school. thanks
katievictoriap katievictoriap 13-15, F 8 Answers Feb 1, 2012

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Go out and do something totally different then you might normally do. Volunteer somewhere.

Salman Rushdie had writers block before he wrote that book Satantic Verses. He decided to head to war-torn Central America to try to shake things. It worked and it wrote that book. Although, he now has a price on his head. So careful what you wish for.

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Look all the way back through your life your friends,family news stories jokes over heard conversations wish I were a song writer I could "prowse" out several this evening

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walk around different neighborhoods and let other peoples lives inspire you. Look around and take notes from what you see and feel. take care

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New ideas, require new experiences!

Stand up and live life then you can sit down and write!

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I understand. You gotta approach it like its a job, try a new thing here and there. Listen to other peoples stories. You'll get back into the old habit soon.

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All you need is imagination. Put yourself up in a place, like think, if you're writing a sad song put yourself up in a place and think how that particular person might be feeling. Here's an example:-

(Feel that you're the person)

I still remember when i first saw your smile,

I started loving you that very moment,

And I won't ever forget that time.

So, I hope it helped.


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