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That's the thing. I've never been bored because when you got goals, dreams and aiming for them, is pretty exciting you know. Plus, recording studio, then sky diving, then traveling to different countries, and doing stuff as well to get where I want in life, I don't get bored. Fun too when you're with people who live that way too.

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Agree! Difficult to be bored when you are surrounded by things, hobbies and a profession you love!

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Yes. It wasn't easy because I had to make difficult decisions. But, I look back, I see all the photos, I see how I've helped my friends with money, with opportunities in opening doors to jobs they thought they weren't good enough to get.

The phone call from a studio for students in college that no one believed that said, "Hi, you won 50 hours in a recording studio, all paid for to record and produce the songs," and hearing them scream out of joy.

I found when it's more than about ourselves and its more on giving happiness to others as we do we what we love, life becomes magic. You're fighting people's corners who will never know you did it but it doesn't matter.

I got lots of stores, photos, video crazy clips top show to nieces, grand children or when I'm gone someone will show

They'd be like, "Holy "!#$$ Look, he did that! Weren't he scared jumping off that mountain? OMG you, he's running away from lion. That was close!"

Then someone of family of past, takes them to very large room, turns key for them to see all the books I read, the diaries, the sketches, my paintings, my inventions, photos, on walls, dreams in the hope, they think,

"If he can do it, the old codger, so can I!"

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Hmm....thats a lot going on! Finding the energy, time and inclination for it all is a tough job! need to have a chip on your shoulder too!

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Yes, a very big chip. Big massive confidence cause out there, most are ready to bring you down hard and fast. Hahaha.

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lol...good you can laugh about it. You will do well...and perhaps you do deserve that room full of!!! All the best!

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What are you doing that you are bored all the time? <br />
Rather, what are you neglecting?

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amuse myself

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