For instance, someone with the same colour eyes/skin as opposed to someone completely different.
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I used to find longish black hair attractive- I don't anymore, but I do not have black hair.

Facial features- I find that yes, I tend to be attracted to people similarly structured as me. Have you ever noticed that the "cutest" couples sorta look like each other? We're a bit egocentric in that we like the look of people similar to us.

Even if we don't like how We look, Haha! That's the one thing I don't understand. It's like I'm complimenting myself while putting myself down.

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Since I look like a monster how about we go with completely different.

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I don't think that my significant other is particularly similar looking to me, though we are both caucasian... Different eye and hair color, he tans super easily and I don't, he's built heavier than I am. It's really more his personality that I'm attracted to.

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Appearance should be similar, to attract me- personality not really.

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