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this is magic, it is ok if you don't know the anwer, but i'd like it if you tried. and Larfor is the magic of earth
calynj calynj 13-15 2 Answers May 5, 2012

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They are the spirits of the elements. Sorcerers honor them similar to how people honor gods. I've seen pictures/drawings of them, and they are often depicted: Larfor is large and slightly monstrous, but generally not angry. Jaypes is "merry" and looks a bit like a human-sized elf. Gladde seems to resemble a human-sized faerie. And Pranxtor is invisible. <br />
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If you intend to form any kind of communication with the spirits, be cautious: they are quite strict about magic being used only for the good of others. However, if your intentions are so, you aren't likely to have too much trouble.<br />
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Good luck in your magical endeavors!

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