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Drive a couple hours to Idaho and get a lotto ticket and a soda. The long drive is nice to talk with my husband. Sometimes we'll go buy old TVs and cookie sheets and take them out to the desert and shoot them. When we run out of ammo we go hiking up the hill and look for trilobites and other fossils.

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go on a shopping spree::nope, can't afford it

eat some strawberries::nope, can't afford them either

drink some beer::nope, kidneys are failing

go for a drive in the country::nope, don't have any gas

take a vacation::sheesh, what's that?

call and whine to a family member or friend::that is if my phone hasn't been shut off yet

I know, how about a nice long bath::and then curl up into the sanctuary of my lover's arms - and dream of better days

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Drink alcohol.

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Because half my family are alcoholics, so I guess I don't know any better .

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