Natural home birth: Unmedicated, at home, everything happens at it's own pace in the comfort of your own home (with a midwife) Birthing center: At a midwifery building whose only job is to provide a safe, prepared, comfortable area to have you baby/s Natural hospital: Birth at a hospital, but still natural Half and half: Hospital, go natural until the pain gets too bad then get meds Medicated: Pain killers, pitocin all the way. Get it over quickly and painlessly Opted C-section: As soon as her water breaks mom chooses to have a C-section
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All of them are for different people. I have known many people to birth at home and be fine. A woman's body is designed to give birth. If she "knows" what is going to happen with her body, she will relax more and everything will work better. But I have also known one woman who planned to have a homebirth, moved somewhere where she couldn't have one, and then had a natural birth with midwives in the hospital and nearly died. I am glad she wasn't at home. She would have bled to death. -----

I have known several to birth in birthing centers to be fine but one to not be so fine twice. (I would say that the midwife should avoid tugging the cord to get the placenta out and things will be fine.) Both of those can be mimicked at a hospital. I have had two natural births (vaginal, no medication, midwives) in a hospital birthing center and found them to be lovely (as far as labor can be lovely?). ---- Medication can be very good for some. I have seen it to be a good thing for some women. But meds can slow the labor and make a c-section required, make it hard for baby after birth and more difficult for healing. So I opted not to have meds. ---Pitocin is a horrid invention and should only be used in true emergencies, I think.---- C sections are silly unless you REALLY need it. But I have seen a couple of women respond to them and heal really well and their babies be born healthily. I think it is harder for the baby because the contractions are good for baby' s lungs. But then there was my second child who I was only in labor with for maybe 6 contractions and then was born so fast that the same fluids were in her lungs as a c-section baby. --- So much opinion from me. Everyone is different.

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Allergic, did you have to have an episiotomy? The idea that tissues can tear and that a cut may have to be made as a preventive measure sort of freaks me out.

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Ideally, I would love a natural birth at home, so my child first sees his/her home and not a sterilized, cold, artificial environment like a hospital.

However, there are two factors I keep in mind:

1. In case of complications (and they do happen), it's safer to be at the hospital so they can help straight away;

2. I am absolutely terrified of the pain. So knowing this I'll probably be begging for a peridural :

I wouldn't want a C-section unless absolutely necessary - nature has provided a natural way out for baby, I can't see why I should have my belly cut open.

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I think we can place those under the Natural Birth! :D Now whether or not the Mom planned for that to happen.

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