Some people misinterpret being sad or feeling down as being negative, and this isn't always the case. Sometimes you just want a good listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. It doesn't mean you are necessarily negative. What are your thoughts?
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Sometimes you just have to expel the demons.

A good Friend who will listen and offer advice is the best assistance during those times.

It is just a discussion about things that are gong on around you.

It does not have to be a negative, in fact it is a positive sign that the Friend just wants to get back on the track.

All of us are sad at one time or another sometimes when feeling like that it helps to help someone else.

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Thank you for 'getting it' and understanding.

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I couldn't help it.
I'm sorry if you feel this way sometimes and will always be available.
We are simpatico.

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Some (others) view those who are open about feeling down or sad as 'self-actualised', 'in touch with their feelings', sincere, genuine, honest...

There's practically nothing worse than when/ if some tragedy strikes and you take this to another... hoping they'll get why you're so upset/ traumatised and they wind up sugar-coating it.. or make a lame attempt at extracting a non-existent silver-lining from the horror that you've just endured. When really all you wanted was someone to say ".. wow. that really sucks". You just need to know that someone gets it.

That's not being 'negative', that's just being realistic. Anyone who labels another as being negative vs. sad or down/ depressed, is insensitive and dismissing the suffering person's plight. Self-motivated/ self-serving, even. Maybe they don't want to allow the down person the luxury of feeling what they're feeling because all focus would be off of them and their big bag of bullsh*t.

The only way to look at it (here's where I contradict myself by finding a silver-lining): That person was not 'The One'. He/ she has proven that they aren't interested in listening or being that shoulder-to-cry-on. They want you/ me to snap out of it asap so that we will be there FOR THEM, vs. the other way around.

Why is this a silver-lining..? Because now you know. You've given them the opportunity to rise to the occasion by sharing your deepest thoughts/ troubles but they opted-out by dismissing your words and calling it 'negative'. We now know that the person isn't a true friend and is not to be relied on. ..and it's always better to know that kind of thing sooner than later.

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Wow, thank you for such a well thought out, perfectly stated response. You truly do understand. Thank you.

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don't tell people your problems. probably 1% of people actually care, 89% don't care, and 10% are glad you have them

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They're right.. it is negative. Maybe not in the same way expressed but being sad and down are negative feelings.

Those who say it's negative, mean that they're being ignorant.. no. There are many times where I have been grouchy and sad at the same time but there are times where I'm not. Who do I get to talk to? No one. Who looks at me and says " I feel bad for her.."? No one. They see it as whining and complaining. They see it as something they don't want to deal with. All I say to them is, then don't deal with it. Don't listen to me. Ignore it and maybe later, I'll be fine.

Do they? No.. they want me to hear their opinion on how I am because they feel that with their right to freedom of speech means anything goes and should be said. I say just because you're free to say it, doesn't mean you should.

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You hit it on the head! Great job!

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