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Wow, I could write a novel on this topic!

The most common problem I am seeing lately is that parents aren't teaching their children "cause and effect". If your child misbehaves and you don't give him hard consequences for that, he grows up not only knowing he can push YOU around, but believing he can push everybody around. Which is why we have so many bullies, jerks, and otherwise inconsiderate people today.

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not being involved in their schooling, friends etc....... a parent should have idea what child is doing who they are hanging out with.

Failing to have good, open communication.. not listening to what your child has to say... giving them the respect of sharing their ideas and opinions

Not treating child with respect...

all of these effect the childs self esteem esp if a parent doesnt respect a childs feelings listen to what he/she has to say and acknowledging them as a person

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Bad parenting, causes a child to isolate themselves and put themselves down a lot, a example "Your a waste of space and a failure, i am ashamed to take you to see family". (Personal Experience)

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I believe being overly protective is bad parenting.

No, I wasn't a rebellious teen who felt like my parents were too protective.

Yes, I do believe children do need to be sheltered to an extent.

But when parents honestly try to hide the real world from their kids, and pretend certain things don't exist, such as alcohol and sex, the kid is going to be too curious. The'll try to get in positions where they're closer to these things, but won't know anything about it, and they'll make reckless, impulsive, and unhealthy decisions.

It happens, sadly.

I knew two girls.. sweet, wonderful girls with so much potential. But they were overly sheltered and didn't understand the way the world really works. High school happened and one died of alcohol poisoning and the other got pregnant at 16 and is now struggling to make her way in life.

My parents were honest with me about these things. They weren't overly strict. And I had no desire to get involved in such things. I believe those two girls would have made it so far in life if their parents did the same.

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Low self esteem can be caused by parents' insults. Bullies, abusers, and criminals can be caused by parents' disrespect for one another and others. Bad relationships and dependency can be caused by emotional instability of parents. Laziness and rudeness can stem from parents giving the kid whatever and never giving their kids responsibility which is a cause of recklessness, immaturity, and irresponsibility.

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Looked around you recently? Between bad parenting and bad policies,we're becoming a nation of bad examples.

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shaken baby syndrome

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taking the kids to the bar and having a baby shower at the bar, bringing home all the extra alcohol, sleeping all day , being at the bar all night, not knowing where the kids are at, or if they went to school or if they had breakfast to eat that morning, You want more examples?

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Bad parenting in my opinion occurs anytime balance is not achieved in all aspects of life. For example, if parents are too permissive or not permissive enough the children don't learn appropriate problem-solving skills. Emotionally distant parents or intense, helicopter parents also do not allow appropriate social and problem-solving skills to develop. Too many kids grow up not realizing that failure is a normal part of life because nobody has ever let them fail and learn from it. Kids don't appreciate what they have if they are always just given everything. You can't appreciate a $100 pair of jeans unless you realize it takes a whole day at minimum wage to get them. Having lots of kids to lots of fathers, not having the father in the picture, too much daycare, not enough at-home education from the parents (the schools can't do it all) are some examples. Not to mention criminal neglect and abuse-type situations but everyone knows that is bad parenting. Entitlement attitudes, lack of humility, lack of respect for others and their feelings, lack of respect for themselves, failure in school, no work ethic, drug abuse, alcoholism, addiction, criminal tendencies, psychological disorders, suicide. You name it, and there is a way to parent to create it.

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When you allow your 12 year old daughter to go out in denim undies and a shittonne of makeup.

When your 12 year old son has a rats-tail and a piercing and smokes weed and you allow it.

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Lack of self respect

Lack of self confidence

Too much self confidence

Lack of ability to think for oneself

Lack of concrete convictions

Lack of morals

Lack of regard for the institution of marriage


Relying on professors or those in authority to think for you

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Anyone hear that story where that young woman was on Facebook and her newborn started crying and so the woman picked up her baby, shook it and then threw her against the wall! Ugh that made me vomit (it really did, I swear) when I heard that, because I'd suffered a miscarriage around that time and I thought wtf I'd never ever ever in a billion years do that and that slag gets to be blessed with a child and I don't there is no god I swear there is no ******* god :C

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the kids suffer for it

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Your not trying for help on homework are you... :)

Mmmm... Depends what bad parenting. Like the parents could be violent to them so the kids could then follow that.

Oh. I'm not sure....

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Indoctrinating children with religion would have to be #1. It's the ultimate child abuse.

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mimicking of bad behavior in children: drinking, smoking, swearing, eating habits, etc.

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The classic, do as I say and not as I do.

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