Whether people, money, health, society, what aspect makes you happy in life, and what of any of those affects you negatively?
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I think people is the answer to both parts of that question


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Even though money is great, I honestly believe that freedom is the key to happiness.

1 - the freedom to do what you like/love

2 - the freedom to eat/sleep when you want (In other words, not working a job that makes you work 20 hours a day)

3 - the freedom to spend time with your family/friends OR the freedom NOT to spend time with them

4 - the freedom to choose your government (usually not possible haha)

5 - the freedom to express your opinions, make your own schedule, wear what you like, etc. etc.

Having money is wonderful, having a relationship is a blessing, so is having a family, but NOT when a job, a marriage, a family, or any other outside force TRAPS you in a place you don't want to be.

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Those things listed would make me happy. I agreed.

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Nice friends/family make it good. Being alone/poor make it miserable.

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Dwelling on the good things makes it happier. Dwelling on the bad things makes it miserable.

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