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I have had lucid dreams before, for some reason, mostly when I was younger (8-13 years of age). However, they certainly do not occur as frequently as they used to (I actually can't hold down and recognize the face of the last time I had a lucid dream). I read an article in New Scientist a few months ago about the potential ways in which one could purposely open up this can of worms, after effortful practice. So, it seems that there are those that are just naturally attuned to be able to do it, without necessarily having the intention in mind(me in this case - at least when I was younger - and although I didn't have the intention initially, after realizing what I was doing I do recall actually trying to keep doing it after I found it to be quite interesting indeed - but then of course, it just kind of faded away from my goals) and based on this article, it seems that it could also be deemed as an acquired ability.

After diving in the New Scientist research pool it seems that they have a few articles related to *lucid dreaming*, however I found the following to be the most useful.

Title - Hijack your dreams to improve your skills improve-your-skills.html

Most people don't have access to the online version, however I encourage people to go down to their local library (most libraries are *new* enough to accommodate this magazine!).

You might also find the following helpful (FREE ACCESS) - again, it goes on to explain how might one learn to entertain this mental state.

Title: The science of lucid dreaming

The video seems to be largely consistent with what I recall fell from the New Scientist apple tree. Yum!

Now as to what lucid dreaming feels like... If you know anything about hypnagogia, something which I tend to frequently experience (I think it has something to do with the type of brain waves that are dominant in my brain - but that's for another time), you should be able to reconcile any misunderstanding, because frankly, hypnagogia is a lot like lucid dreaming, with the few exceptions.

1) You are aware that you are NOT dreaming in Hypnagogia, however it feels like you are. Wild associations knock on your mental door and things seem a lot less *real*, in the end, it all equates to you being able to, like lucid dreaming, mentally reprogrammed something into something else (I can explain this last part some other time if you wish for me to elaborate a bit more)

2) You are aware that you ARE dreaming in lucid dreaming, however it does feel like everything is real. So, reflecting on 1), personally I think the major difference is the *feeling* associated with either activity.

Finally, if you experience hypnagogia, you are probably more likely to either naturally experience LD or be able to teach yourself more effectively, compa

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i've experienced hypnagogia, and yeah, i'm always aware that i'm not dreaming at all, it's too real..

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I think I'll now consider trying to kick start the LD motor again! I'm glad I stumbled upon this question now.
If anyone has any interest in getting some of the *actual* empirical research in pdf form, don't hesitate in asking, I'd be happy to do a little research, seeing I've now decided to take this dog for a walk once again (poor dog, its been so many years; fat and lazy I bet!!!).

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LD motor? i haven't understood what you meant with that..

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It is completely unrealistic. Lucid dreaming happens when you become aware that you are dreaming while still dreaming and then take control of the dream. I have been trying to get this down, but every time I take control of the dream it literally crumbles to pieces and then I wake up.

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There are certain re-occurring dreams that I have, places mostly, that exist only in my dreams. When I dream of being in these places, I am usually aware that I am dreaming, and can somewhat take control of the dream.

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can you do whatever you wanna do there?

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If you are able to prevent yourself from waking up you are only limited by your imagination and perhaps your subconscious.

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Not really, no. I am usually doing something specific already.. like riding a bicycle, or looking for a certain something off in a field, traversing down a path near a waterfall, etc.. But every time I dream such dreams, I can usually recall that I have been there before, and I can somewhat change how it all plays out, or focus on different parts of it, if that makes sense. It's kind of comparable I guess of a video game level where you could take different courses of action, but are still within the construct of the level you are in.

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Like u r there

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