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I'm talking about the shows like Rudolph and Frosty shows that have been around since the 1960's
RJ43 RJ43 46-50, T 5 Answers Dec 14, 2012 in Movies & TV

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Loved them and think how sad it is that children today lack the innocence we had back then.

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Innocence was lost when we became adults and neglected our kids we let the world taint them and they lost the innocence we held on to much longer than they were allowed to.

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I didn't neglect my children. Well, not purposely...(they tell me I didn't)..but I remember my youngest begging me to stay home with him and make cookies the way I used to.....I had to work for a company that sucked the life out of me so they could have all of the bells and whistles I thought they should have including a good education. Their father was useless.

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Not all of us did so willingly but our children grew up without our influence to help them hold on to their dreams and hopes like we had most of us didn't have the working mothers. I don't blame others for what happened I just wish we hadn't lost that innocence it would take an awful lot to bring that kind of innocence back.

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Thankfully my sons were instilled with my influence and did follow their dreams to become very happy successful men. Guess I'm just always going to feel guilty. I know what you mean though. My family was a nightmare and I often wonder how different my life would have been had they had the capacity to love a child more than their money. I remember being very little and having dreams. xo

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