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It fits with the way it's going,easy to monitor,GPS for easy tracking,and with apps replacing cash,easier to hack and manipulate everyone's money supply.And they make it sound so cool people are camping out at the stores to get the newest one. Who needs chips or a mark?
Arginis Arginis 51-55, M 5 Answers Dec 13, 2012 in Community

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Don't want one, don't need one. Have a cheapo cell. I can make calls and send texts. That's it. If I want to play games or go online, I use my computer.

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That's what freaks me out about smart phones...not just the cost, but the way that you can be tracked. I know I'll eventually have to get one, but until then I'm holding out.

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See this is what I hate. Why can't people just stop being lazy and dependent on their phones. It seems like machines and electronics are beginning to control the world...

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