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"Goodbye" I can't to fit all the pieces together even though I've tried Felt like a stranger who masked herself in a lie Couldn't do it anymore Got sick of pretending To be something I've never stood for Yearning for this part of my life to be over So the next phase could begin I always knew I was going to have to say goodbye I love you but I need to spread my wings and fly Need to find myself on my own terms Some bridges are going to be burned It hurts me to leave you behind But I'll never be who you want to be and I definitely mind We never understood each other Lost any bonds of natural affinity Felt drained in your presence While you were confused and never accepted me Nothing ever felt right I'm longing to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel finally I need to be true to myself It's the only way I can be I have to say goodbye I need to be free I'll always love you but it's time to go We were always meant to say goodbye.
ajrestless ajrestless 22-25, F Aug 29, 2014 in Hobbies

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