or maybe sex? just if you can, please answer by saying a,b,c......
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Son... or Daughter... I don't know what you are...

If you gotta categorize all of the female kind into one heap for an answer like this, you are going to get a variety of different answers from all sorts of Life. Because women, if you have not noticed already, are humans. Homo Sapiens. They have breasts and able to give birth. But each one goes about living life in a unique way, much like yours.

Being a male, I try not to get involved with the whole "General Assumption" tactic. What does that do?

You want a good woman? You want a bad woman? You want a woman with six toes? Maybe you'd like to have an Anime Chica that can make tentacle play not gross (Good Luck with that one)?

If one lady hurt you, well... that is just that certain individual and am sorry to hear she tore your heart in two. Or maybe a buddy got broken hearted and you hate to see him/her that way. Guess what? That is an individual, not the collective.

If you don't change that mindset, you'll be thinking of generalizing a whole bunch of things in Life and let me tell ya... as much as the media likes to make you believe, we are not all just Ants trying to please the "Queen".

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Very wise words. ;)

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A. love (this coming from a girl)

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a most of them wants who understand them

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