I have always heard that the knowlege of the universe is out there somewhere. In a cave? In the stars? What is the missing link that everyone doesn't know but needs to know?
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I was just reading this, actually. It's called Quantum Superposition!

Basically the theory that no particle has properties until it has been measured.

In other words, everything is composed of exactly the same stuff, which exists in a state where no particle is different or even separate from the other. That is, until PERCEPTION makes it so. So, not only are you and the chair you are sitting in composed of exactly the same thing, but your perception of what you are and what the chair is actually changes the basic properties of both!

Therefore, the Knowledge of the Universe is that not only are you One with Deity, but your perceptions are part of the process of Creating and Sustaining the Universe Itself!

So, be happy! It literally makes the world a better place!

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If TIME + CHANCE + MATTER = the universe, I think it's absolutely stunning that beings like us have conscious awareness that the universe exists.

So... 'knowledge of the universe' begins with a sense of wonder.

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In a nutshell, I think all "knowledge" exists in all existence, and that we are all IT, so the goofy aery-faery statement that "we are all one" is true. So we can't kill another person, we are all there is. It looks like that because the one wants to have a perception of multidimensionality, but really, there isn't anybody out there. All ARE it.

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I believe its within God.

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It does not exist.

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The key to knowing everything is to know nothing at all.

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