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Were you the driver? Usually a car signifies either your life or your body (which ever feels right to you) You should be the driver as that means you are in control of where you are going. The wreck is you thinking that something bad/ a shock is coming into your life or something bad/a shock just came into your life. What do you think it means?

The last time I had a dream of wrecking a car I was dating a guy... he was the driver of his car. I was the passenger. A bus hit us. We were both shaken but not physically hurt. During the same time he started pulling away. I knew something shocking was happening.... a feeling I had at the time. I found out that his exgirlfriend called him around the same time I had the dream. When he told me that she called I felt and saw the bus again. She was the bus. Hitting into his life affecting both of ours.

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Your life is a mess and you are losing control.

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i think you stop to watching .. movies of car racing "fast and furious " or stop the playing games ... every thing will be settle down.. other wise one day u will feel car traffic jam in ur dreams..


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It means that it's probably a bad idea to try to sleep while driving.

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