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A 'broken heart" is a figure of speech in English.

It arises from the fact that in deep and recent grief or loss there is often a physical sensation of pain or emptiness in the chest.

Some people can also develop depression out of grief, in which the thinking can be temporarily distorted.

However, neither the mind nor the heart are "broken."

Grief fades, and eventually a more realistic perception emerges,

which is when the real learning and the start of acceptance and maturity emerges.

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same in French : 'broken heart' = 'coeur brisé'..... :(

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Broken, I do not know, but in pain, yes !

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I am happy to see/assume you have never had yours broken...

Because the moment you will learn the answer to this question :-(

I wish you the very best

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a broken heart is the ache and the hole in your chest when your hurt so bad you don't know how to comprehend what happened.

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