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This probably seems like a girly question, which it is. I've never been in love, but I would love to know how it really is, and what it feels like. When were you first in love? Do teenagers fall in love? Is it how it seems in movies? Thanks so much! <3
lawlz1232 lawlz1232 18-21, F 5 Answers May 26, 2011

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It feels like nothing can ever go wrong in ur life as long as u have him there with u, to support and love.

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Yes, I agree with scarlettzzz, you smile so much your face aches, you get all mushy and yes, you do get butterflies in your tummy as corny as that sounds. The world is enhanced, everything means something that relates to your love affair, all that really matters is that you've found one another. Your senses are heightened, You cannot shut up about your lover, you want to chatter on and on.....or you want to be left utterly alone to dream of him/her and you get all angry when you cannot be alone with your thoughts of him/her. You've known them forever, your heart has come home, you forget about food, your need to make love night and day is all you need to live.....on and on

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It makes you feel like the sun is shining brighter, all the love songs on the radio are about your relationship....and you have a silly goofy smile on your face...all. the. time!!

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