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I once called my boyfriend at the time my former husband's name during a fight. lol. Thank God is was during a fight. And then we both started laughing. It was funny. My thoughts would be he's drunk and old habits die hard. I wouldn't put any other meaning into it at all. That's just silly.

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so u were drunk...

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For all the times she's gotten on his nerves, even in a drunken stuper he can't escape the nagging, the badgering.

You poor sap!

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so you are his ex, and he broke up with you??

if its a recent break up its still going to be affecting him, esp if you where together for a long time or you shared something of high importance, like virginity, first serious relationship etc..

dont read too much into it, and if you are wanting to stay single maybe you should put some distance between you both so as not to complicate things.

or would you like to get back with him??


if i was in your shoes i would give it a few more days, write down my thoughts and feelings, and if say 3-4days later i still wanted to talk to him. i would. Maybe meet up for a coffee keep it light, not a date, just two mates meeting up. maybe you could work things out, but you have to remember you did break up for a reason. sometimes time apart isnt enough to fix the problems which you had previously!!


can i ask why did you break up??

you could possibly ask through the friend that told you about this incident, that way if he says no its not directly to you and wont hurt as much


given everything you have told me, i dont think a reunion will be on the cards. your on fbook and if he really wanted to get in touch, he very easily could have!! i would put this all down to alcohol and find a gy who genuinely does want to be with you and would do anythin for you!! you deserve some one who is prepared to walk the earth for you!!


he has blocked you on facebook!! hes defo not worth it then, but if you really need to get that final closure, text his friend, more private that way. Good luck and let me know how you get on hunny xx

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we haven't talk to each for almost 2 month and it happened a week ago. I sort of want him back cause I miss him too. It wasn't a clear break up w/o things talk over though. But he doesn't have my number anymore.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for the advice, I think that's workable.But he doesn't have my number anymore and Im actually thinking how to break this silence.I tried to take him back at the 1st week of the fight but he refuse to reply or talk w/ me even I waited for him ourside of his place.It's been almost 2 monthes, how to break this silence?------------------------------------------------------------------I did though of this way, but I don't have that friend's phone no. but his gf's yes. I could facebook that friend.His friend even mention that the guy doesn't have my number and can not physically call me.It was a short conversation that I was in a rush to leave so didn't talk much.But in the other way, if his friend really want to tell me sth why didn't he facebook me?------------------------------------------------------------Thank you Kitten.His friend is in my fb but the guy is not, he is not only defriend me but block me as well 2 monthes ago.I know I'll meet someone better will be there in the future, but I also know i'm having a hard time to let go off him that part of me want to walk through part of me still miss him which is in a delima.I want to do sth but not sure what to do.. like facebook his friend 1st? or just txt him directly?------------------------------------------------------------------------So yeah.... I txt him then we are hanging out some times, don't know what it gonna happened and I guess I'll just being relax and take it slow to see how things going.

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was he just stood there calling out your name .or was he doing someting else when this was happening...i cant seem to work out whats going on here...

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I wasn't here, I know it through his friend.

His friend went to music party w/ him and I do not know why his friend told me so what does his trying to tell me.

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in your quest to search for meaning in what is irrelevant you'll lose what you have


well if he was calling out for you it probably means that you still have his heart even though he'd not be caught dead admitting to it

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I dont' have anything.

He was calling out my name and I do not know what does that mean, still miss/like me?

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