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i have the same problem, i wake up feeling like iv not slept its very annoying, im trying to find out what causes it myself, maybe some kind of sleep disorder.

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I think it does mean that you're not going to some level of sleeping that you're supposed to. You go through stages where your brain gives off different brainwaves, like alpha, theta, delta and beta. I watched a cool NOVA program on it. Try looking up "stages of sleep" and it might give you an idea of what might be happening. Also, you could try contacting the University (probably a clinic of some sort) nearest to you. Sometimes they do sleep studies and you might be able to get in one, and I think they're usually free.

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I have the same thing. Sometimes I will get a night off or they will be hazy enough that I can begin the day normally or get back to sleep easier..those are better nights. It's like watching movies all night long. I'd be curious to find out as well what it means. Has been that way for as long as I can remember, since childhood.

If it means sleep deprived, how do you change that?

Meditation does not work in that situation. Only thing that -ever- worked for me was herb which I don't use anymore.

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you are lucky, unless they are nightmares ofcource

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