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I'm 17 and this 18 year old guy who says he's in love with me has had 4 important dreams about me this week. Two of them were quite happy ones where we were together, broke up for ages and got back together, got married, had 2 children with ups and downs but it was happy overall. Then he had 2 negative dreams: in one, I had a boyfriend who started hurting me emotionally but he would apologise and say he loves me so I'd keep taking him back and it would get worse and more violent. The second one was like an anti dream to one of the happy ones, and in it me and the guy never got together, he had random encounters with women and I was a single mother with many children and was with men who either loved me or abused me. We were both alone, bitter and unhappy. He said that he didn't mean to dream these things and doesn't want them to happen, and he's never abused me or anything. What could the dreams mean and could they mean anything as he dreamt about me being abused twice? Thanks :)
RomanceGirly RomanceGirly 16-17, F 2 Answers Nov 4, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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Here's a link to look it up yourself:<br />

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thanks! :)

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i belive that means he wants to save you from the abuse.

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