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This is the second time ive caught him doing this. Not to say he hasnt done them other them other times. Anyway the first time he did it was like last month. I was texting my best friend trying to cheer her up because she had relapsed. I ended up laughing at my own text and i had no idea he was looking at me until i caught him. He smiled giggled ( seemed like a giggle) looked down and shook his head. I was very confused but thought its what ever. Then yesterday we were talking about movies and he wrote down some of his favorites. He was very specific he told me dont watch one or three of a certain series because they werent as good as the second. He told me do not watch them. Well we started talking about Godzilla and i told him i had seen every Godzilla movie. Even the old cheesey ones. He then said "you know they are coming out with a new one" and i excitedly said "I KNOW ITS SO GREAT IM GONNA GO SEE IT LIKE 8 TIMES" all he did was look at me smirk, giggle type thing and shake his he
dancingqueen87 dancingqueen87 16-17, F 1 Answer Mar 16, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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