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im 14 years old have had a few dreams about this my dad tells me that its because i put my hands on my chest but idk my mom and dad say i mumble im my sleep and sleep sit
clippersfanlouie clippersfanlouie 13-15 2 Answers Aug 9, 2010

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getting shot in the back is a strange one<br />
<br />
a dream where you get injured means uncertainty or doubt<br />
being wounded in the back means be careful who you trust (because it is the hardest part of your body to defend)<br />
guns involved mean a chance that the event will happen or be wary of them<br />
<br />
alive and no pain... hmmm this i can't figure out<br />
<br />
therre are many schools of thought on dream interpretation, you may want to find a book or even more useful if you have a relative who has been shot pick their brain. happy hunting

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thanks i got a reply quite quikly and useful thanks again

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What does it mean when you have a dream of being stabbed with your dad's knife and wake up and have the same pain in the exact same spot? Or having another dream of someone trying to kill you with your dad's knife and you kill them.

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